About IMDesign


IMDesign is a leader in the field of aluminum design and manufacturing. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our expertise is second to none.

We got our start in Barcelona Spain, successfully manufacturing aluminium windows and doors for both industrial and residential clients. In 2004 we saw a great opportunity for an innovative idea, the aluminum kitchen and other cabinetry solutions, and we’ve been successfully developing this product line ever since.

In 2008 IMDesign brought our company to Canada. We’ve combined European style and expertise, with skilled craftsmanship in aluminium design and manufacturing, to provide an extremely high quality product. Over the last few years our product line has gained popularity, especially amongst those affected by or concerned about material toxicity. This has brought IMDesign to broaden markets beginning with exports to the US as well as opening market in Europe starting in 2017. Most recently, in 2018, we also moved our manufacturing facility to Spain. This has broadened the scope of materials and finishes we can use in our product design and development. This also means our clients get the best of both worlds, whether they are located in Europe,Canada, USA or beyond! 

We now boast a stunning line of aluminum cabinetry. Our cabinetry system is based on all the advantages an aluminium cabinet can provide for designers, installers and most importantly the end user, YOU.

A kitchen is a special space in any home and should be comfortable, practical and elegant while being durable and versatile. We look forward to bringing yours ALIVE!



IMDesign is a designer and manufacturer of custom kitchens and cabinetry, outdoor furniture, and indoor furniture. We’re different in that we build everything with aluminum. The kitchen is the highest traffic area in the household, and therefore we believe it should be of the highest quality. Built to last forever, our aluminum kitchens are solid, durable, versatile, non-toxic and sustainable.
But we haven’t sacrificed aesthetics for durability - our kitchens are modern, stylish and stunning. Built with a versatile design that incorporates various materials to compliment the aluminum, and a multitude of colour options helping you create a truly custom kitchen. 
We’re changing the way you think about kitchens…That’s Innovative Modern Design

Our promise to our clients: To provide beautiful, customized and functional cabinetry solutions:

• Offer a personalized and memorable service experience
• Provide professional and insightful assessments
• Address all of your unique needs
• Innovate in design and flexibility


Our founders:

Santiago Vilarmau - Design & Product Development

Santiago started building aluminium windows when he was 16. Since then he has also worked in aluminium profile design and sales before creating his own aluminium manufacturing company near Barcelona, Spain. Thanks to his extensive experience, engineering abilities and impeccable craftsmanship he designed the aluminium system and profiles used to make IMDesign’s beautiful cabinets. His role is to supervise the manufacturing and installation processes as well as to design and draw up plans. When he's not working, he love mountain biking and discovering new music. 

Patricia Newell - Client Services & Partner Relations

Patricia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business administration she obtained at the University of Barcelona (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Sabadell campus) in 2000. She has extensive experience in customer service, sales and management, marketing and strategic planning which she used in different roles before joining Santiago in their aluminium business. She is responsible for client and partner relations, ensuring a smooth and seamless purchasing and installation experience. If she's not at her computer or on the phone you'll find her out hiking or reading a book.

Both Patricia and Santiago enjoy the relationships they establish with each new client and take pride in ensuring an open and responsive dialogue with clients to make sure projects are completed on time and within budget, most importantly resulting in satisfied and happy clients.

Team Members:

Ona Vilarmau - Digital Marketing and Sales Assistant

Ona is studying International Commerce as well as French while fully immersed in the French language and culture. Thanks to modern technology she can bring her knowledge to IMDesign from all over the world. Studies and an international experience bring variety and a bit of pizzazz to our designs and marketing plans. Ona is usually creating content or on a sales call but her main hobby is singing and composing new songs.