Stunning Modern Cabinets – Loved them so much we’re ordering them again! Patricia and Santi are an incredibly talented and professional mom-and-pop duo who supplied all our cabinets, built-ins, and custom furniture for our house in Telluride, Colorado. Our family has severe MCS and we have a very modern aesthetic. After months of trying to get our dream look out of other cabinet materials and cabinet suppliers, we tried IMDesign. They were able to give exactly the look we wanted with even better quality than we thought possible. There was zero smell or off-gassing, and no chance of mold or water damage.  They provided stellar customer service and were always available to make sure everything was perfect, even though they were 5,000 miles away. We are building a second home and are working with IMDesign again. 
From the first moment we became aware of what kind of kitchens Santi and Patricia design and build, we were certain about what we wanted for our new home. The quality, the features, the assurance that everything is 100% toxic free, the Neolith countertops ... A custom designed and built kitchen, taking advantage of every corner, keeping everything simple yet very practical. We love the combination of the colors of the cabinets with the Neolith and the stone wall. The idea of highlighting the island in the middle of the kitchen, with a higher color, it's fantastic! And the best thing of all is that it is very, very easy to clean. We are very happy and everyone who comes to our home to visit falls in love with it. Thank you Santi and Patricia for such a good job!
PROFESSIONALISM and QUALITY in all aspects. I was looking for the best option for a new kitchen in my house. And the truth is, trusting IMDCabinets was the best decision! I am super proud of the result and the fast service we have had. Having Santi and Patricia on hand in this new project has been a pleasure and a sure bet for success! To this day, I have not yet found a kitchen with better features. Its innovative design, its elegant, resistant material and, at the same time, respectful of the environment along with the warm personal treatment and the professionalism received at all times ...there is a long list of benefits and advantages that all come together in one place: IMDCabinets! I recommend their kitchens over and over again !! I can not imagine a better option. Try it out, imagine what the best kitchen in the world would be like. You will see that any feature you imagine is in and IMDCabinets kitchen! Thank you Santi and Patricia for all your work, you are great!
IMD Cabinets are a pleasure to work with. Their cabinets are fantastic quality and we love that they are eco friendly and stylish. Patricia has always been friendly, accommodating and gets the work done in a timely manner. We look forward to working with them again in the near future.
My wife and I wanted to redo our kitchen, and we needed a stylish cabinet option that had zero off-gassing since I am chemically sensitive and cannot tolerate any formaldehyde. Initially, this was difficult to find.  We were so pleased to read about IMDesign in the book “Less Toxic Alternatives” by Carolyn Gorman.  We contacted Patricia at IMDesign, and Patricia and the team are absolutely wonderful to work with.  Our general contractor was extremely impressed with the quality, craftsmanship, and ease of installation.  The cabinets are beautiful, stylish, and very functional! The soft close feature is fantastic.  It is wonderful to have a new, beautiful kitchen that is a toxic-free environment!  Thank you IMDesign!  
Patricia and Santi.  I’m dragging myself out of the kitchen long enough to say thank you for it. It’s an amazing lift to my life. Things I notice: The simple touch of my knee closes the drawers, the simple yet beautiful design adds a certain elegance to our space, the layout gives us unexpected or should I say unthought of efficiency and I could go on. We are very happy with your craftsmanship, your thoughtful design, your professional attitude and we love your product. If you ever need a reference feel free to use us. 
We could not be happier with our kitchen.  Santi has great design skills, and we are so happy with the additional storage we have in a small space.  It is functional and beautiful, and we enjoy it every day.
We love our new kitchen!  Having always had wooden cabinets we weren't  sure how the aluminum would look.  The new cabinets have exceeded all expectations. The workmanship, attention to detail, prompt and efficient installation resulted in a stress free experience. Santi and Patricia are great people to work with, they have our highest recommendation.  
Dear Patricia and Santi   Just a quick note to tell you how very pleased we are with our new kitchen. We wanted a kitchen which wasn’t the feature of our great room and with your help in the design and colour choice that was achieved. The hidden drawers certainly worked out well to give the streamlined look we were after. We really appreciate having aluminum cabinets under the sink, so clean and easy to clean.You two were a big part of our new home project and fun to work with under the stresses of building a home. Thank you both so much.
Working with Santi and Patricia was a pleasure -- they are professional, enthusiastic, prompt as well as clear in what they can do and for what price. (I only wish I had brought them in earlier when we decided to renovate our bathroom -- they have design knowledge that we certainly could have made use of.)  We have lived with the cabinetry for six years now and are very happy with how easy it is to maintain (simply wipe it with a damp cloth) and how smart it looks. It will maintain its modern appeal as long as we are in this house -- European good looks!