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Striking and Sophisticated in Colorado

eternAL series in dark grey textured and white

“Non-toxic cool cabinets”

In our first conversation with this client her first words were “We’re Building a non-toxic house. Cool non-toxic cabinets are hard to come by. I’m glad I found you!”

This set the tone for the project. Working closely with our client and her designer we designed and built:

  • A beautiful and functional kitchen which is the center of the grand room looking out at the spectacular view of the mountains.
  • Cabinets for the laundry room complete with laundry basket pull-outs
  • 3 full bathrooms including vanities and linen closets along with built-in medicine cabinets
  • Night-tables and dressers for the master bedroom and their daughter’s bedroom
  • TV console

This house was built bottom to top with non-toxic materials and it is stunning! The amazing view from all the windows in this home makes it even more special. Congratulations, we’re so proud to have been a part of this!

Special mention to designer Charlie Rain (!

Stunning Modern Cabinets – Loved them so much we’re ordering them again!

Patricia and Santi are an incredibly talented and professional mom-and-pop duo who supplied all our cabinets, built-ins, and custom furniture for our house in Telluride, Colorado. Our family has severe MCS and we have a very modern aesthetic. After months of trying to get our dream look out of other cabinet materials and cabinet suppliers, we tried IMDesign. They were able to give exactly the look we wanted with even better quality than we thought possible. There was zero smell or off-gassing, and no chance of mold or water damage.  They provided stellar customer service and were always available to make sure everything was perfect, even though they were 5,000 miles away. We are building a second home and are working with IMDesign again. 

Jesse Loesekan, Colorado, USA