Christmas in July? (June Newsletter)

Christmas in July?

New Kitchen for the Holidays-Timeline Starts Now!

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen for Christmas? Would you love to have it in time to enjoy over the holidays? Worried about delays and not completing in time? Your best bet is to plan ahead and we can help you with that.

How? Get started now! Use some of your time off enjoying the nice weather to start planning. Remember, it’s not strange to think about Christmas in July, it’s a smart idea! 

And we're here to help with our timeline guide that starts now and leads you stress-free right up to Christmas and your new kitchen.

Here’s a timeline guide to help you out.
"A goal without a plan is just a wish". Let's begin by counting back from Christmas Eve:

December 24th: Christmas Eve. You’re cooking up a storm in your beautiful new kitchen and your family and friends are coming by later to share in the celebration.
December 3rd: Completion goal date. To avoid stressful possible delays, mark your calendar a good 2-3 weeks prior.
November 19th : Complete installation. This leaves plenty of time for last details, painting , cleaning and moving back in to your kitchen. .
November 5th: Templating for countertop. Allow for 2 weeks to manufacture and book installation.
October 29th: Install cabinets. Give 1 week leeway before countertop templating.
October 15th: Trades. Removal of existing kitchen cabinets and trades (electrician, plumber)
September 15th: Shipping. Cabinets are shipped to your home from Barcelona, Spain.
September 1st: Custom manufacture of your unique, personalized, 100% non-toxic, beautiful kitchen cabinets.
August : Materials arrive at our manufacturing facility. 
July 15th-20th : Finalize details. Colour samples, design tweaks, shop drawings for approval and ordering of materials.
July 1st-15th : Begin design process. Initial design, quote and deposit to get the whole process started.

Yes, that’s right around the corner. Yes, it’s a good idea to think about Christmas in July when you’re enjoying the view of the lake, ocean or kids playing in the pool.
There is no need to worry though, we’re here to help you. This timeline guide walks you through a stress-free new kitchen for Christmas step by step. 
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