Fall or Autumn? Either way, it has arrived! (September Newsletter)

As summer rolls away, there's no need to be sad!

It can be tough seeing summer roll away... The days get shorter and temperatures drop considerably. The skies go from sunny blue to rainy grey. It’s a time for transitions and adjustments, getting used to a new routine, back to school, to the weather … But there’s always a way to have fun and enjoy yourselves, and IMDesign is here to remind you that to have fun and spend time with family you don’t need sunhats and sunscreen!

We've made up a list of ways to cheer up a fall day, there's something for everyone! 

-    Visit a pumpkin patch and drink some hot apple cider or hot chocolate  
-    Watch a nice film with your family on a rainy day
-    Cook some delicious meals with all the lovely vegetables, fruits and grains that are harvested this time of year. Visit your local farmers’ market
-    Try to bake your first pumpkin pie or try a new recipe.
-    Go for a nice walk around your neighborhood, forest, city and enjoy all the pretty colours and the changing leaves. Don’t forget your nice wool sweaters and toques!
-    Make your own costume for Hallowe’en
-    Most importantly… plan your family Thanksgiving meal

Are you feeling the need to organize, clean and prepare? It's called nesting.

Fall brings more time indoors. It’s a great time for nesting, a concept normally associated with pregnancy, but that hits some of us in the fall. An urge to organize, clean and prepare for the long winter ahead. 
At At IMDesign we can help you organize your kitchen, pantry or bath with a variety of custom solutions designed to meet your needs. We provide a completely personalized project designed and built just for you. This includes all the drawer and cabinet organization you need. We develop a comprehensive proposal based on your wish list. This includes:

-    Drawer organization. We use Ambialine by Blum. Using dividers of different widths and height this system is flexible and allows custom sized cabinet widths.
-    Recycle sorting and trash management. This is available for individual cabinets or under sink options. Depending on how each of us deals with recycling and waste there are a variety of options.
-    Large pantries with pullout shelves for easy visualization and access to all items.
-    Design of upper cabinets with lift doors for wider cabinets and full access with a single door.
-    Corner pull outs. Make full use of a normally complicated space in your kitchen with full pull out. They are both practical and ergonomic.

Cozy up with a pad of paper and start designing your new IMDesign kitchen and be sure to include your organization wish list!