Finding the Perfect Colour for You (May Newsletter)

Finding the Perfect Colour for You

Imagine a myriad of colours to choose from!

Tired of the same old boring colour? Looking for something unique, new, contemporary? Need some help choosing a colour scheme that suits your space? 

Imagine having a myriad of colours to choose from! At IMDesign we have hundreds of designer colours, and we are positive we can find the perfect match for you. We have standard colours, custom colours and we can even colour match if you provide us with a sample.
If you love wood but also want to enjoy the advantages of aluminum we offer dozens of wood grain finishes.
Or for something completely different we can make our doors with Neolith porcelain fronts, an amazing stone look!
These colours are available in different finishes to suit all tastes: high gloss, matte and textured. 

With IMDesign cabinets colour and finishing choices, you are sure to find your match. To help you make this difficult decision we have divided colours into 4 essential style groups based on our product lines. 

IMDesign's Styles:

  • eternAL. Using warm, neutral colours making a truly timeless colour scheme that stays contemporary for years to come. These would include warm greys, shades of white, browns or soft greens. Soothing soft tones make a relaxing, zen place to be.  
  • festivAL. Youthful, bright colours make this a perfect choice for those looking to go bold and contemporary. Colour choices here are unlimited, from Ferrari red to orange, yellow, turquoise or purple! All of these colours bring to mind joy, celebration and make your kitchen a place of inspiration where your closest friends and family cook, learn and laugh together.  
  • naturAL. A combination of stone (Neolith) and aluminum for a robust and solid style. Combine colour with stone for unique and modern styles. Grey, black, brown with Iron Grey or Iron Moss or Calacatta are some of the more popular combos. These doors are strong, durable and resilient as well as modern, stylish and elegant. 
  • traditionAL. Wood grain textured finishes available in various colours for those who love wood but want to enjoy the advantages of aluminum. These can also be used as accent colours combined with white or black. In some spaces it's essential to leave the simple, elegant style unchanged. Wood grain finishes allow for all the modern comforts while retaining and respecting vintage and classical styles.

If you would like to discuss how we can help choose just the right style for your space, reply send me an e-mail to find out more about what is possible for you.