Metal with Superpowers (April Newsletter)

Metal, the best option for cabinets

Metal with Superpowers!

We often get asked why aluminum is so fantastic.
Aluminum is unique, strong, durable, and waterproof. Those are just a few amazing reasons why it is the ultimate choice for cabinetry in your indoor and outdoor spaces.
If you want combination of beauty and style in a modern kitchen while keeping your environmental footprint at a minimum, then a 100% aluminum IMDesign Kitchen is the perfect fit for you!
Metal cabinetry is often compared to wood or wood-based alternatives yet it really isn’t the same at all. Aluminium is so much better.

IMDesign’s aluminum cabinets stand out for their durability and easy-care. 

Here are some key reasons why:

  • Resistant to even the most extreme temperature changes: It doesn’t warp or split. It can be beside your stove/range or outside surrounding your barbecue even in sub-zero weather and remains unaffected and in perfect shape!
  • It doesn’t fade. The colour remains the same over time even if you’ve chosen a bright, bold colour!
  • Low Maintenance. IMDesign all-aluminum cabinets are super easy to take care of. Aluminum surfaces wipe clean easily. All you need is warm water and a cloth, and you’re done! 
  • Hygienic. Powder-coated aluminum is non-porous avoiding the presence of micro-organisms.  

To top it off, it's a non-toxic, healthy alternative to traditional building materials!

What more can you ask for?