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Contemporary Condo Reno

eternAL in Moonstone and silver

Classy eternAL line with a mix of aluminium and wood. Contemporary and warm. A perfect combo for a glass and concrete building! Our aluminium cabinetry was ideal for this wine-buff who loved the fact that his wine glasses didn't smell like wood when he pulled them out of the cabinet! 

Innovative Modern Design offers a unique product - cabinetry that is made of aluminum rather than particle board or other wood based or plastic based materials. The result was a unique kitchen that was modern, timeless, durable, and did not present any off-gassing to taint the customers' food or wine glasses. I was most impressed by the fact that they take personal pride in their product and the service they offered and this is evident through their detailed measurements and meticulous work. I got exactly what I was expecting. As we fine-tuned any final deficiencies, they were more than happy to ensure their product was performing beyond the client expectations, and were quick to respond with any final fine-tunings. I would recommend this company, not only for their product, but also for their service.

Krista Rossato, designer