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Gulf Island Renovation

eternAL in rich chocolate brown (classic bronze)

Contemporary dark, rich chocolate brown, bright blue and white accents. Clean, smooth lines and smart storage brought this kitchen up to modern standards and gave it a contemporary look. A wall was removed to open the kitchen up to the living room and provide a specific entertaining space. Among the design features are a full pull-out pantry and smart corner as well as soft close drawers. The star is a custom designed coffee station with pocket doors that hide in the side of the cabinet allowing for full access. 

The flush LED lighting under upper cabinets brightens up the counter workspace.

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IMDesign provided a free consultation and estimate. I had a few ideas of my own. It was amazing that Santi knew just what to do to make my perfect kitchen. Custom design is so much better; everything fits beautifully. I love the quality and clean indestructible aluminum and the clever ideas for the use of all the space. We love our kitchen!! The price is close to any other ready built without having the hassle of doing the work!

Tannis Kirby, Pender Island