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Soothing and Zen

eternAL in matte white

A healthy, zen kitchen designed by one of our favourite holistic designers!
This one is a beauty. Soothing soft tones, created by Cynthia Campbell. We're in love with how this turned out. Handle-less custom coated Gola profile, fully integrated dishwasher and fridge and check out the hood fan cover! Custom designed and custom built from 100% powder coated aluminum.
The design answers many of the questions we are asked by our client:

Can you make handle-less doors/cabinets? Can we use any handles or pulls that we like? YES!
Can you build custom features like a wine rack, integrated appliances or hood fan covers? YES!
If we decide on Gola profile for the handle-less option can it be the exact same colour as our kitchen? YES!
Is your product non-toxic and healthy for our family? YES!

Warm and contemporary it fits our eternAL series perfectly:

Contemporary style with warm colours make this line truly timeless.  

Like it's very meaning: e·ter·nal [əˈtərn(ə)l/adjective] - "Def. Lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning.", this line combines a timeless design with a set of colour schemes that will stay contemporary for years to come. 

Cynthia Campbell