Smart Kitchen FAQs (June Newsletter)

Smart kitchens have smart answers to your questions!

Presenting IMDcabinets FAQs and answers:

1.    Are IMDesign kitchen cabinets really made 100% from aluminum? 

Yes, they absolutely are! 

2.    How are IMDcabinets built? 

Using our own proprietary system of powder coated aluminum profiles. IMDcabinets is an innovative system based on extruded aluminum profiles which are clipped together. Our exclusive clip system allows IMDesign to avoid all glues and materials with a toxic content. Another bonus point with our clip system is that it hides assembly components therefore providing cleaner surfaces.

3.    Do aluminum cabinets look industrial? 

No, they are custom kitchens that range in style from traditional and timeless to radiant, bold and contemporary. People often imagine plain metal industrial kitchens when talking about aluminum kitchens. However, if you have seen photos of our products, you will have noticed they come in a wide range of colours and are not industrial-looking at all. 

4.    How does IMDesign achieve such a wide variety of styles and colours and ensure they are 100% non-toxic and all-aluminum? 

That is thanks to powder-coating. Powder coating is VOC-free and is 100% non-toxic. As well as adding a protective layer that avoids natural occurring rust it allows for an unlimited variety of colours. Architects and design professionals love this feature! 

5.    The next question people ask is: do aluminum cabinets dent or scratch easily? 

The answer is no, the powder coated finish on the cabinets actually makes it difficult to scratch and the thickness of the aluminum makes them very durable!

Smart, right? Are you ready to get started on designing your very own, personalised IMDesign kitchen?

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