Smart Kitchen FAQs Part 2 (October Newsletter)

Smart kitchens FAQs part 2

More to know, more to tell.

We are happy to share IMDcabinets FAQ’s part 2 with you:


How do you clean our aluminum cabinets?

  • Aluminums surfaces clean easily a simple wipe with a damp cloth does the trick.

Are traditional hardware and accessories compatible with IMDcabinets?

  • Yes. All storage hardware, pullouts, pulls and handles work on our cabinetry. So, when designing your kitchen don’t hesitate in adding everything on your wishlist.

Why is Aluminum considered a unique metal?

  • It is strong, durable, and flexible. Its colours never fade, it is resistant to extreme temperatures and withstands the effects of moisture and dampness meaning no mold. All this means IMDcabinets kitchens last a lifetime and are worry free!

What do you mean by countless colour options?

  • With IMDcabinets you can choose from countless designer colours, standard or custom, and if you already have a specific colour in mind, send us a sample and we can create an exact colour match.

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