February Favourites

Are you searching for non-toxic cabinetry that is the perfect combination of contemporary, warm and soothing?

Here is a review of some of our favourite projects and they all have something in common, the search for something unique and non-toxic. 

Presenting our top 6 projects, each one with their own story. Notice the key words that stand out in all of them:   

1.    Non-toxic: Non-toxic things aren't poisonous. It's generally safe to eat or breathe non-toxic substances, and they don't harm the environment. Harmless; not causing or capable of causing harm.
2.    Contemporary: Elements of contemporary design include:
•    A Combination of Neutral & Vibrant Colors. 
•    A Blend of Different Textures & Materials. 
•    Simple Geometric Shapes & Crisp Lines.
•    A Blend Between Industrial & Natural Elements. 
•    A Touch of Minimalism.
3.    Stylish and bold: fashionably elegant and sophisticated.
4.    Soothing, zen and warm: having a gently calming effect.

1. Striking and sophisticated in Colorado: See photos here

eternAL series in dark grey and white

In our first conversation with this client her first words were “We’re Building a non-toxic house. Cool non-toxic cabinets are hard to come by. I’m glad I found you!”

This set the tone for the project. Working closely with our client and her designer we designed and built a beautiful and functional kitchen which is the center of the grand room looking out at the spectacular view of the mountains.

This house was built bottom to top with non-toxic materials and it is stunning! The amazing view from all the windows in this home makes it even more special. Congratulations, we’re so proud to have been a part of this!

2. Soothing and Zen: See photos here

eternAL series in matte white

A healthy, zen kitchen designed by one of our favourite holistic designers!

This one is a beauty. Soothing soft tones, created by Cynthia Campbell. We're in love with how this turned out. Handle-less custom coated Gola profile, fully integrated dishwasher and fridge and check out the hood fan cover! Custom designed and custom built from 100% powder coated aluminum.

3. Contemporary and warm in Whiterock:  See photos here

eternAL series in ivory

This project is special in many ways but most importantly it was designed and built for a person who is affected by MCS (multi-chemical sensitivity). She needed to replace existing cabinets because they off-gassed so much she couldn't live in the home. Now she has a beautiful, contemporary and healthy space to cook, entertain and enjoy time with her family.

4. Stylish in Minnesota: See photos here

eternAL series in bone white

A classic white custom kitchen with traditional accents sets this kitchen apart. Our client has MCS (multi-chemical sensitivity) so non-toxic and zero off-gassing were a must. We are pleased to provide a healthy and sustainable alternative while maintaining an elegant and versatile style.

5. Warm and Contemporary in Southern France: See photos here

eternAL series in textured white

Stone feature wall with white all aluminum cabinets. The perfect combination of rustic and modern. It's warm and cozy as well as practical and elegant. Deep soft-close drawers and upper cabinets with lift system.

6. Bold and contemporary Village House: See photos here

eternAL series in matte black and cedar woodgrain finish

This village house in the heart of Catalonia has been renovated for a young family. Their vision was for a modern look throughout the home with light bright tiles and paint. This allowed for the kitchen to be bold. It's all along one wall with a large sliding door opening onto their rooftop terrace giving the kitchen an indoor-outdoor look, feel and functionality. It was a pleasure working with this young couple to make their dream come true.

Contemporary, striking, sophisticated, warm, soothing, zen, stylish, bold and most importantly non-toxic!

If any or all of these adjectives resonates with you, IMDesign cabinetry is for you! Our eternAL series speaks for itself, it's timeless and never goes out of style. Our all-aluminum custom cabinets last a lifetime.

If you are planning on a new kitchen soon or know of someone who is please contact me for ideas at: patricia@imdcabinets.com