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Fed up with the short lifespan of products? Do you want to start living your life a little greener, more eco-friendly? Are you ready to start your journey to zero waste?
As summer rolls away, there's no need to be sad!
Let's do it! Here's how to support your wellbeing!
Christmas in July? New Kitchen for the Holidays-Timeline Starts Now!
Finding the Perfect Colour for You Imagine a myriad of colours to choose from!
Metal, the best option for cabinets Metal with Superpowers! We often get asked why aluminum is so fantastic.
Kitchen Cabinets That Last Forever Make your investment worthwhile!
Tired of Long Winters and Feeling Locked up? Enjoy Summer Now - Spend More Time Outdoors!
We’ve all heard of LEED, so what is WELL? I requested a copy of their standard and have now read through it. You can probably request it too but in a nutshell it’s this:
At IMDesign making our kitchens eco-friendly and non-toxic are our top priorities.